About Us

RadLegacy is the place to be when it comes to empowering riders. We provide them the basic tools to grow, achieve what they deserve and welcome them to the worldwide community of action sports.

Our mission is to SHRED the barrier between RAD talent and opportunity.

We Value Your Network

We developed a technology that consists in a web player that embeds brands’ products in videos and photos where they are in use by riders. The web player is shareable via any website without losing the attached products, making them one click away from being purchased.

The goal is, at the same time, to help brands create awareness effortlessly and drive sales through a referral system built in a web player, and to help riders gain interest in getting sponsored and earn more with their brands. YEAHHHH now we're talking!

It’s simple: you get paid if a sponsor (not necessarily yours) sells a pair of his board shorts you were wearing in that photo you got xxxx views on. The more followers you have, the better! Easy, we’re still in BETA! We’ll reach you if you get there.

So bring your crew onboard, your neighbours and your dog (we have a dog too!). RadLegacy is better with friends.

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